word before :

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
word before :

Variable, -> "Variable",

Add "" to variable before comma

Domain from URL

Matches everything before after // or www and before a period. If needed, replace the matched elements with blanks.

white space before punctuations, outside script and code tags

white space before punctuations, outside script and code tags

HTML body tokenize

Tokenize before do other process. We can adapt to use for header tag.

Capture comma separated numbers

Capture comma separated numbers, no matter if there are spaces before or after the commas.


comapre simbols used just !=, ==, <=, >=, <, > beacose of task keyword "not" can be used only before leftside value beacose of task

Variable name of code

To get a variable name from a source code: The variable name is before the '=' (equal sign) This is the way to detect. Problem: 1. Only 1 variable can get from 1 line. 2. Unfortunately, this can get variable between after "//" and before ";" too. I made this for fake script debugger. Just get variable from source code and put that after last semicolon with so much tab and messagebox code for every line.

Simple Number

Verifies Number is a negative/positive number. Number may be a decimal, but if it is, it requires at least one number before and after the decimal place. Decimal numbers may also be negative or positive. Only 1 decimal place is allowed.

Password Validation

Checks for password containing at least 1 Upper case, 1 lower case, 1 digit and 1 special character, all together with a length of at least 8. (This pattern allows any order of the requried elements, other than what was been distributed here before)

JSON validator

Takes a JSON string and captures interesting information in the named capturing groups: (o: last object, a: last array, s: last string, n: last number, c: last comma before optional whitespace, d: same as c, but with a colon instead of a comma, v: last value)