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Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
VS Code - Stylus Problem Matcher

Anagram match of "poultryoutwitsants"

this is an anagram matcher to run upon words

Match Tags in ExpressionEngine

The second matcher will get EE tags from $tagdata.

french phone number (intl format)

little matcher for french phone number in international format (example: +33231348228)

Sentence grabber /w extra check

Grabs sentences including terms like: e.g. z.b. Figs.These get caught in 1st capturing group. Problem: how to only accept matching sentences which contain pattern \b\d+[a-z]{0,2}\b?

DD/MM pattern

Checks for DD/MM pattern must start and end with the digits no letters or other symbols allowed. Made by your good guy Levent M. (it accepts also 28+/02 but yhea one problem at a time right?)

Basic IP matching

I've looked at some of the other IP matching that seems a lot more complex but several of them don't work, and I'm too simple minded to figure out why. Keep it simple, I've never had a problem matching IP addresses in logs with this one.

Regex for complex number

it can detect complex number of both cartesian and Euler form.the real number in the real and imaginary part can be signed or unsigned.also it may or may not have floating Point.no problem. But,in Euler from the imaginary part should be written between brackets.here are some example:- +5.6+7i,-.004+2.5i,6.-i,i,e^-(5i),.02e^(-2.3i),7e^(i)

Variable name of code

To get a variable name from a source code: The variable name is before the '=' (equal sign) This is the way to detect. Problem: 1. Only 1 variable can get from 1 line. 2. Unfortunately, this can get variable between after "//" and before ";" too. I made this for fake script debugger. Just get variable from source code and put that after last semicolon with so much tab and messagebox code for every line.

password with at least 1 special character

**This regex is to describe the password which has at least 7 characters (OC) with at least a special one (SC).** Of course, we know the SC may be in the first, second .... or last of the password. Also, we know the password maybe bigger than just 8. so I wrote the RE to accept any character (AC) from ! to ~ which Contains all characters in the end with * {0, }. but the problem in the beginning before writing 8 characters. - The user may enter 7 AC in the first then SC. - Or 6 AC then SC then at least 1 AC. - Or 5 AC then SC then at least 2 AC. - and so on special characters are : [_https://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html_](url) ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~