Username with "_" "-"

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

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Username with "_" "-"

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Mail With Groups

Matches email with groups for username and domain.

Google plus post regex

Retrieve username or user id and post id, example urls:


Gets all parts of URL including port, username, password, fragment, query, and path

Absolute File Path Validation

Matches absolute file paths, such as C:\Users\username\Documents\filename.txt The path must contain a file and extension at the end

Alien username

Input Format The first line contains a single integer, , denoting the number of usernames. Each line of the subsequent lines contains a string denoting an alien username to validate. Constraints Output Format Iterate through each of the strings in order and determine whether or not each string is a valid alien username. If a username is a valid alien username, print VALID on a new line; otherwise, print INVALID. Sample Input 3 _0898989811abced_ _abce _09090909abcD0 Sample Output VALID INVALID INVALID Explanation We validate the following three usernames: _0898989811abced_ is valid as it satisfies the requirements specified above. Thus, we print VALID. _abce is invalid as the beginning _ is not followed by one or more digits. Thus, we print INVALID. _09090909abcD0 is invalid as the sequence of English alphabetic letters is immediately followed by a number. Thus, we print INVALID.

hashtag and user tag regex

This regular expression can be used to find tags and hashtags in a string. It assumes that a username can contain both underscores and points (.) and that hashtags can only contain letters

HP OO Shell OPeration

I am trying to capture from HP OO SSH shell operation, basicall it will run the commands what we send from HP OO and this operation expects return output to send next command. I am trying to send command gtacl and next command is LOGON username, OO expects to match string to send another command, the expected output is TACL 1> and i trying to use regex as ^TACL\s\d>, it is working in regex site but it is falling in OO tool, can you please suggest some thing.

best youtube id match ( iframe embed replace ready )

**MATCH ANY __YOUTUBE ID__** author : [mi-ca]( v1.0 – 2017.03.08 This Regex match any youtube url and grab the ID. Embed ready √ -- ` ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... // // // // // // // // // // // // // // `