Usability request

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

implement vi keys PLEASE

Additional matching regexes for
Usability request

Usability request

implement vi keys PLEASE

remove blank keys in query string

looks for blank keys in the query string and remove it, in order to make shorter request.

get top level domain excluding ports

I need to get the top level domain from the request header but it can be in a vary ways.. how can I match but exclude parts I dont want to get ie. ports


Popular trim Regular Expression. Matches whitespace characters at the beginning and end of a string. Check out the usage examples in the test string to see how you can implement it into your own code.

Output string is not displayed for given regex

I have this regex and input string. But nothing is displayed in output area. Could you please help to know why it is not displaying output? Thanks.

Simple email verification regex

- Regular Expression ```js ^(?=[a-z][[email protected]_-]{5,40}$)[a-z0-9._-]{1,20}@(?:(?=[a-z0-9-]{1,15}\.)[a-z0-9]+(?:-[a-z0-9]+)*\.){1,2}[a-z]{2,6}$ ``` - By default, the app converts all the email value to lower case before validation. - Please use [ email]( to analyse and validate the regex. - The error message for an invalid format, (to be translatable in Ar is supported). > `Please insert a valid email address`. **Example** - Valid sample: - [email protected]

Regex to match any JSON value with fewer steps possible

If you find... - any JSON value that should be matched but isn't, - any JSON value that should NOT be matched but is - or simply a way to match the values with fewer steps... please, let me know.

printf conversion specification parsing

Parses `printf` conversion specifications. This version detects multiple flags and ` `(space) flag. MSVC length modifier `I64` is also supported. I'm using this regex in my Python project, so please change accordingly if you use other flavor of regex.

Social Security Number (SSN)

tests for valid social security numbers according to the social security administration. more specifically: -disallows a group to have all 0s -disallows first group to have all 6s -disallows a ssn to begin with 9 note that this does not test for issued ssn's. that would be impossible to implement here, because the high group document is continuously updated on a monthly basis.

Fetch "text A (text B)" or "text A (text B (text C))"

How do I extract then some text A, some text B and some text C if they are in the format some text A ( some text B ( some text C)) Please mind that in some cases may be only some text A ( some text B)