TV series season and episode names

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

This regex matches against season and series names

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TV series season and episode names

TV series season and episode names

This regex matches against season and series names

TV Series filename parsing

Get TV Series name, season and episode numbers.

Tv Series name extractor

Extract from a tv series file the name of the series, the season, episode and the title.

Distinguish torrent files (series vs movies)

A neat regex for finding out whether a given torrent name is a series or a movie. Returns the full name of the series with the separator needed to make it pretty (ie, replace it with space or what you want). Also returns the season number or the year for the movie/series, depending on what was previously matches. If I had done this in perl there would be much less logic needed in the regex, but python is what I'm working with so..

Find your Db from a sql query

A regex to find the db wich you're quering against to.

Extrae episodios

Extrae episodeos de una pagina de series flv

Dim name

Gets all variable names

C# Regex Class acts odd

Based on my understanding of Regex, the string “10” matches the Regex “^([0-9]*)(\\*)$”. To validate it, I tried the regex and the text “10” on the website and it worked. But when I tried the same with C# code, it failed.Only by adding a "?", making the regex “^([0-9]*)(\\*)?$” makes the string "10" validate against the regex. I am confused why it behaves differently in the C# Regex class.

Episode numbering below 100

Simplest form to match all the episode numbering versions I could remember that don't use incremental numberign without seasons.


match function names in defun constructs