Test expression

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

To find at most 3 a in string

Additional matching regexes for
Test expression

Apt Package Version validator

This regular expression will match the version string of a debian package

Element's Attribute Value in XML (simple)

Simple regular expression for extracting attribute value of the element in XML-string. Attribute value should be in quotes.

Letters, numbers and blank space

The following regular expression matches only letter a-z A-Z numbers 0-9 and a blank space for a given string.


Popular trim Regular Expression. Matches whitespace characters at the beginning and end of a string. Check out the usage examples in the test string to see how you can implement it into your own code.

Validate Base64 with new lines (e.g. GPG base64 messages)

This regular expression validates if given string is formatted in Base64, additional it accepts new lines, since payload can have new lines in it.

QBAR Atom Regex

Regular expression to match `atoms`. See [qbar.io/docs.html#expression-language-atom](https://qbar.io/docs.html#expression-language-atom) for more information.

shortcode wordpress

Wordpress shortcode regular expression

How do I write a Regex to inspect Cisco Interfaces

I am asking for help in writing a regular expression to shorten this expression. I need the string below to search every interface within the range of 1 -24 to validate the configuration. If one interface does not have the required configuration then the expression fails. interface GigabitEthernet1/***1 thru 24***.\n(.\n). description ** Unused Port **.\n(.\n). switchport access vlan 333

Binary code regular expression

Regular expression for binary code.

Escape regex meta characters

This expression escapes characters, which have a special meaning in regex, like .?[]/ and so on. Use it to transform a string that you want to use literally in another regex.