standard 16 columns hexdump

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
standard 16 columns hexdump


Regex to match standard timecode format.

Apache Access Log pattern

Apache Web server log file format following the standard


Regex to match standard timecode format. (Updated with fewer groups).

php naming convension (classes, vars, functions, constants)

PHP Basic coding standard Naming Convension pattern: /^[\pL_][\pL_\pNd]*$/

how to extract that 87% ??

hello, using a monitoring software module from sentrysoftware i want to extract and read that value % (87% ). My chances are to read this line (it's a command output: "/dev/u04omnia_lv 100.00 13.33 87% 57 1% /u04/oradata/OMNIA") by columns (but they aren't columns) or with "before/after the strings". any idea?

Conventional Commits validation

This regex prevents the writing of non-standard conventional commits. I'm available on my [github](

xferlog parser (proftpd, ftpd, vsftpd, etc..)

This pulls out all the fields from a standard xferlog format log. Format specified here

OnTheJob CSV Export to Excel Tab Delimited Import

Lets you rearrange columns of time data exported from the On The Job app to something more useful in Excel as required. Still a work in progress as this gets tweaked for improvement and streamlining.

Match Windows filename in any path but only C: D: and F: drives

Used for Service Discovery in vRealize Operations. Use case is a service that can be installed on any path, but we only want to discover and monitor services installed on standard production drives (C, D or F). Filename will always be the same.