split sentence regex

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
split sentence regex

Complete Machine Readable Passport pattern

Regex to identify and split the components of a machine readable passport pattern text

Simple email splitter

Split the email and get the user and domain.

Simple title validation

Used to validate entries like Address names and cities, streets. - Allows any of the following characters `-.#@&,:?!]{2})[a-zA-Z0-9- .#@&,_'":.?!` - Prohibits these characters from begining a sentence ` -.&,_'":?!` - Prohibits these characters from ending a sentence `- &_'":`

Yell Regex Version 2

This version matches any sentence that sounds like yelling even it doesnt end with ? or !

Sentence and word validator

Last captured word available via group W. Last captured sentence available via group S. Last parenthesis stuff in 6th capturing group.

URL with matching categories

Finds the protocol, subdomain, ((domain, extension)/ipaddress), port, filepath (split in path and filename), the route and the query string.

Is Sentence Correct

it starts with a capital letter; it ends with a full stop, question mark or exclamation point ('.', '?' or '!'); full stops, question marks and exclamation points don't appear anywhere else in the sentence.

Song Splitter

Split an audio filename into a readable format for playlists (like jPlayer) assuming the audio file is named like the following: Artist - Song Title.mp3 Band Name - Track Title ft. Another Artist.m4a demon.devin - Faithless Angel (to no avail remix).mp3

full url dissection

any given url inside a text will be recognized and split into different groups: - url (full url) - scheme - hostname (subdomain + domain + tld) - port - path - query (GET-parameters) while the only group required for a match is the hostname, therefore `example.com` would allready be a match.

Color RegEx

Color RegEx