Simple Valid File Names

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Simple file names. Special chars allowed (-_.) {3, 40}

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Simple Valid File Names

Simple Valid File Names

Simple file names. Special chars allowed (-_.) {3, 40}

Liberal Email Address

Very simple & basic. More forgiving, less stringent. Allows anything which looks reasonably valid. Allows one at-symbol. Requires a two part hostname (i.e. [email protected] is not allowed)

Name Validation

Start with capital letter. Allowed special characters '(Apostrophe) -(hyphen) .(dot) (space) and can not end with -(Hyphen)

Israeli Phone Number

Validate Israeli common phone numbers (simple landline and mobile only, no special / free / premium numbers)

Email with groups

Groups for: Whole email user domain Matches valid emails with numbers, chars, dots and dashes, domains with extensions of 2 or 3 letters.

Invalid Unicode characters in XML

This pattern matches all the Unicode characters that are not allowed in an XML document. It's based on the Wikipedia article "Valid characters in XML".

Email validator JavaScript

Validates all possible emails with western and cyrilic chars.

Email validator PHP

Validate all posible combinations with western and cyrilic chars.

Password secure but flexable

Must have at leat one number, at leat one capital letter, at least one lower case letter. Also you can have special characters [email protected]$%&*+=-_? if you want for extra security. This is not manditory. Change (?=.*[a-z\[email protected]$%&*+=\-\_?]) to (?=.*[\[email protected]$%&*+=\-\_?]) to make thees special characters manditory. No less than 8 no more thant 20 characters allowed.

Dim name

Gets all variable names