search word with an accent

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

search any word with an accent

Additional matching regexes for
search word with an accent

search word with an accent

search any word with an accent

search text matching any word

search text matching any word

Search for a date (Y/m/d or d/m/Y)

Search for a date in a text.

Search tags "a" and get link and text from tags

Search group "link=>text" in tags "a"

Google like regex

Attempts to mimic Google search box behavior, returning an array with the separated search strings (that keep the +/- indicator for following operations)

MySQL Full-Text BOOLEAN mode

Checks if an input string is compatible with the BOOLEAN mode of MySQL full text search system

Convert YYMMDD to DD/MM/YY

I'm new to regular expressions and I've been searching high and low for this really simple date conversion from YYMMDD to DD/MM/YY e.g. 140923 to 23/09/14. Maybe I just didn't search hard enough, but here goes: Search/original string: (\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2}) Replace string $3/$2/$1

Find PHP-like variables

Search a string for PHP-like variables starting with $, containing an unlimited number of non-whitespace characters and ending with a word boundary of any kind

look for any $_POST['name']

if you are as lazy as me and want to replace every "=$_POST['name'];" using Dreamweaver or any development tool that allows using regular expressions to search in current file/document.

Removes duplicate lines in text editor

"dot matches newline" must be activated. Search and replace by "" (empty string) removes duplicate lines anywhere in text. Example for Notepad++ use shown under