Search for a date (Y/m/d or d/m/Y)

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Search for a date in a text.

Additional matching regexes for
Search for a date (Y/m/d or d/m/Y)

search text matching any word

search text matching any word

search word with an accent

search any word with an accent

Search for a date (Y/m/d or d/m/Y)

Search for a date in a text.

Search tags "a" and get link and text from tags

Search group "link=>text" in tags "a"

Google like regex

Attempts to mimic Google search box behavior, returning an array with the separated search strings (that keep the +/- indicator for following operations)

MySQL Full-Text BOOLEAN mode

Checks if an input string is compatible with the BOOLEAN mode of MySQL full text search system

Convert YYMMDD to DD/MM/YY

I'm new to regular expressions and I've been searching high and low for this really simple date conversion from YYMMDD to DD/MM/YY e.g. 140923 to 23/09/14. Maybe I just didn't search hard enough, but here goes: Search/original string: (\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2}) Replace string $3/$2/$1

Find PHP-like variables

Search a string for PHP-like variables starting with $, containing an unlimited number of non-whitespace characters and ending with a word boundary of any kind

look for any $_POST['name']

if you are as lazy as me and want to replace every "=$_POST['name'];" using Dreamweaver or any development tool that allows using regular expressions to search in current file/document.

Removes duplicate lines in text editor

"dot matches newline" must be activated. Search and replace by "" (empty string) removes duplicate lines anywhere in text. Example for Notepad++ use shown under