Regex pattern for numeric values

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Positive number !

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Regex pattern for numeric values

whitespaces and positive numerics (3 precisions accpet . or ,)

//Accepts whitespaces and positive numeric values including integers and decimals(dot or comma optional) with 3 precisions only. //Ex: "999", " 999.999", " 999.999", " 999,999", " 999,999" -> ACCEPTABLE

Regex pattern for numeric values

Positive number !

Simple Number

Verifies Number is a negative/positive number. Number may be a decimal, but if it is, it requires at least one number before and after the decimal place. Decimal numbers may also be negative or positive. Only 1 decimal place is allowed.

ReGEX EXPression

ReGEX EXPression generating Values but repeating want values should not repeat.

iOS Localizable.strings parser

Can be used to find all keys and values in .strings file. Matching pattern: "key" = "value";

check phone number(Taiwan)

If pattern match, then this number probably is a phone number in Taiwan.

Validate alphanumeric and numeric range

For Validating alphanumeric and numeric range

Strict Password Validator

**This regex matches only when all the following are true:** password must contain 1 number (0-9) password must contain 1 uppercase letters password must contain 1 lowercase letters password must contain 1 non-alpha numeric number password is 8-16 characters with no space

Get any positive integer

All real numbers can be divided into three categories: positive, negative and zero; Match all positive number Match: 2 9 +8 005 0420 123456789 40.262,12 +042 262,12 421.265.195,52 0420 $ 0420 € 35 °C 12 °F No Match: 0 00000 0000 -10 -1 10a

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