Parse CSV fields

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Parse an input string into fields separated by comma.

Additional matching regexes for
Parse CSV fields

Parse CSV fields

Parse an input string into fields separated by comma.

CSV CIDR subnets

Comma separated CIDR network addresses

Hex Input List

Match one or two digit hex values separated by a comma.

Capture comma separated numbers

Capture comma separated numbers, no matter if there are spaces before or after the commas.

Splunk log regex

regex to parse space separated log message from splunk test string ``` ugi=flink ip= cmd=source: alter_table: hive.net_seed.netdebugnetworkconnectionstatereadysnapshotcapturedevent newtbl=netdebugnetworkconnectionstatereadysnapshotcapturedevent ugi=root ip= cmd=source: get_table : tbl=hive.nlx_dev.marrsqueryrewritecontextevent ```

CSV parsing

matches the exact fields of CSV files supports: qouted fields quoted fields containing commas, doubble quoutes, and newlines empty fields empty records arbitrary white space in, and outside quoted fields

list of comma separated dates in the form dd/mm/yyy

matches a list of comma separated dates in the form dd/mm/yyy. Between two dates must be only a comma. no other character are permitted: matches: 12/03/2011,23/19/1967 Doesn't match: 23/02/2010, 11/11/2011

Parse gMail: Get name and email addresses

get names and email address seperated out from comma seperated string received from gMail api

MySQL Full-Text BOOLEAN mode

Checks if an input string is compatible with the BOOLEAN mode of MySQL full text search system

match arguments similar to shell, supports quoted string

first group matches quoted strings second group plain text, arguments are separated with a space. example: "this is a \"string\"" thisisnot "another \"string\" with a backslash \"\\"" just replace \" with " after matching.