order by field and direction

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

order by field and direction

Additional matching regexes for
order by field and direction

order by field and direction

order by field and direction


Goes through a Plain text derived from a PDF capturing the order number, the items, the order and ship dated and the costs.

Function Parameter Switcher

Switches the order of two functions in a parameter.

domain for Google Data Studio (re2 dialect)

Matches subdomain, domain and top level in a field that contains a urls. https://www.whatever.you.want ---> whatever.you.want

remove blank keys in query string

looks for blank keys in the query string and remove it, in order to make shorter request.

Match at least 2-letters (international)

RegExp to match that user has entered at least 2-letters (including international letters) in a field

CSV line parsing

Captures all fields from a CSV file's line. Can be customized with user-defined field separator and protecting character.

log4j log parsing

This pulls out all the fields in a log4j field. Suitable for use in a Logstash Grok pattern or similar

Poker Hand type

Detect the poker hand from a sorted hand like this: <Figure><Number> with the figures and numbers sorted in descending order

FEN Regex

This will match an FEN string (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forsyth%E2%80%93Edwards_Notation). It is not strict in having each rank separated by a '\' character, although it is strict in the order of characters for the Castling section. Anything not following the order of KQkq in the case where castling is available, will fail the Regex. It is also case sensitive for the Side and the "en passant" column letter.