Mobile Number Regex

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

The following regex validates international mobile numbers

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Mobile Number Regex

Mobile Number Regex

The following regex validates international mobile numbers

Valid Telephone Number

This regex validates varying types of telephone numbers.

Phone Number Validation

Only Numbers Allowed, Optional (+) for international numbers Min: 10 Max: 14 Optional: +

Israeli Phone Number

Validate Israeli common phone numbers (simple landline and mobile only, no special / free / premium numbers)

international country code matcher

to match international country code of the phone number

french phone number (intl format)

little matcher for french phone number in international format (example: +33231348228)

Validate number in format: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Used for number validation in input forms, when number is required to be in international format. You can adjust the required number length by adjusting this part of regex: {6,10}. The bigged the second number, the longer number will pass the match.

German vehicle registration incl. options

- This regex validates German vehicle registration numbers. It includes 'H' for Oldtimers (Historic) and 'E' for electric. Futhermore it validates optional seasonal plates. For example for motorcycles or recreational vehicles.

UK fixed and mobile phones

Will match all fixed and mobile phone numbers with 9 or 10 digit NSN Resource used:

Viet Nam Phone Number

Viet Nam Phone Number Regex. This regex include: - Cellphone number: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnamobile, Iteltelecom, Reddi (055) - Telephone number (such as: 024, 028,...) - Start with ```0``` or ```84``` - Exactly 10 or 11 numbers