Minecraft Log Parser 1.0

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Improvements needed

Additional matching regexes for
Minecraft Log Parser 1.0

Minecraft Log Parser 1.0

Improvements needed

Minecraft Entity Target Splitter

Regex to match part of minecraft command entity targets

ip/host:port parser (proxy lists)

simple ip:port or host:port parser capturing ip or host and port, usually used for proxy lists

Domain from URL

Matches everything before after // or www and before a period. If needed, replace the matched elements with blanks.

Distinguish torrent files (series vs movies)

A neat regex for finding out whether a given torrent name is a series or a movie. Returns the full name of the series with the separator needed to make it pretty (ie, replace it with space or what you want). Also returns the season number or the year for the movie/series, depending on what was previously matches. If I had done this in perl there would be much less logic needed in the regex, but python is what I'm working with so..

Valid email regexp in Go

A regexp to validate an email address according to https://html.spec.whatwg.org/#valid-e-mail-address . Note that the backslash in the name part of the regexp on that site is there to escape the forward slash, which is not needed in Go.

Comparison of decimals with operators such as <, >, !=, ==, <>

Regex expression for comparing decimal numbers with the usual comparison operators such as < (less than), <= (less than or equal to), > (greater than), >= (greater than or equal to), != (not equal to), == (equal to), ... The regex also allows filtering of data from e.g. a database, whereby the first value is not needed, e.g. [FIELD] < 100