Match Tags in ExpressionEngine

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

The second matcher will get EE tags from $tagdata.

Additional matching regexes for
Match Tags in ExpressionEngine

Match Tags in ExpressionEngine

The second matcher will get EE tags from $tagdata.

someone knows he answer?

are both strings matching, I wnat only the second one to match

Anagram match of "poultryoutwitsants"

this is an anagram matcher to run upon words

french phone number (intl format)

little matcher for french phone number in international format (example: +33231348228)

how to match both lines?

f_name may contain spaces, numbers, characters,... so I would go for a [^\|] but then I couldn't use [...]? anymore to match the second line?

External OR operator

Why doesn't recognize the second pattern after pipe | ?

Validate number in format: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Used for number validation in input forms, when number is required to be in international format. You can adjust the required number length by adjusting this part of regex: {6,10}. The bigged the second number, the longer number will pass the match.

Mask an email regex

Replaces second to last but one characters in email with asterisks (@ and last . are protected): [email protected] > j***********[email protected]****.**m

Replace second (or further) html statement in a whole code

This regex replace the second tag content which has the prefix ":". If you want to replace the third, just increase the statement {1} to {2}, and so go on.

match arguments similar to shell, supports quoted string

first group matches quoted strings second group plain text, arguments are separated with a space. example: "this is a \"string\"" thisisnot "another \"string\" with a backslash \"\\"" just replace \" with " after matching.