match HTML-safe strings with at least one alphanumeric character

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
match HTML-safe strings with at least one alphanumeric character

Password stronger

**This regex will validate your password** To be stronger, the password must be contain: - At least 8 characters - At least 1 number - At least 1 lowercase character (a-z) - At least 1 uppercase character (A-Z) - At least 1 special character (! @ # $) I hope I've helped :)

Alphanumeric and Spaces

Alow alphanumeric characters and spaces


1-15 alphanumeric login name

Match at least 2-letters (international)

RegExp to match that user has entered at least 2-letters (including international letters) in a field

someone knows he answer?

are both strings matching, I wnat only the second one to match


Matches alphanumeric slugs without repeating dashes

Validate alphanumeric and numeric range

For Validating alphanumeric and numeric range

Password Validation

Checks for password containing at least 1 Upper case, 1 lower case, 1 digit and 1 special character, all together with a length of at least 8. (This pattern allows any order of the requried elements, other than what was been distributed here before)

Password strength

Regular expression for password validation Rules: - 8-120 chars - no spaces - must contain at least one a-z char - must contain at least one A-Z char - must contain at least one digit - must contain at least one of the folowing chars: [email protected]#$%^&*()-=¡£_+`~.,<>/?;:'\"|[]{}


This regular expression is designed to work with character-delimited strings, and provides a means to specify the index of delimiter occurrence at which content is extracted.