Match Characters outside list

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
Match Characters outside list

Outside Quotes

match any string outside of single or double quotes

white space before punctuations, outside script and code tags

white space before punctuations, outside script and code tags

match sequential characters

HI, I'm looking for RegX to match words with more than two sequential characters

Password Complexity

Password Complexity 8-32 Characters, AlphaNumeric with OWASP Special Characters

how to match both lines?

f_name may contain spaces, numbers, characters,... so I would go for a [^\|] but then I couldn't use [...]? anymore to match the second line?

Reading only the "=" symbol

The pattern should match only the "=" symbols with in the html content other than the HTML attributes. i.e if we have <html><head>Sample head</head><body style="Font family: Courier New"><p> This is a test a=b=c=d or a = b = c </p> </body></html> The pattern should match only "=" outside the html tags <>

Alphanumeric and Spaces

Alow alphanumeric characters and spaces

CSV parsing

matches the exact fields of CSV files supports: qouted fields quoted fields containing commas, doubble quoutes, and newlines empty fields empty records arbitrary white space in, and outside quoted fields

Escape non-Ascii Character

Replace non-ascii characters with empty spaces.

Simple title validation

Used to validate entries like Address names and cities, streets. - Allows any of the following characters `-.#@&,:?!]{2})[a-zA-Z0-9- .#@&,_'":.?!` - Prohibits these characters from begining a sentence ` -.&,_'":?!` - Prohibits these characters from ending a sentence `- &_'":`