ln -l linux parse

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

parse linux ln -l output command

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ln -l linux parse

ln -l linux parse

parse linux ln -l output command

AXIO - Parsing debug:router command

Parsing of a debug:router command output

Signature of UNIFI Protect in SPLUNK for DHCP

Pulls the DHCP Command from SPLUNK output

Parse CISCO NEXUS 9xxx/5xxxx show inventory output w/o | json modifier

Parse CISCO NEXUS 9xxx/5xxxx show inventory output w/o | json modifier. Nexus 9xxxx don't have the json output modifier. It's a LINUX based os, so | json would fork a json binary which doesn't exist

Parse "ipconfig /all" output and grab all MAC Adresses

Parse "ipconfig /all" output and grab all MAc Adresses.

HP OO Shell OPeration

I am trying to capture from HP OO SSH shell operation, basicall it will run the commands what we send from HP OO and this operation expects return output to send next command. I am trying to send command gtacl and next command is LOGON username, OO expects to match string to send another command, the expected output is TACL 1> and i trying to use regex as ^TACL\s\d>, it is working in regex site but it is falling in OO tool, can you please suggest some thing.

Get the command

Simply gets the command from a script command, automatically removes unwanted spaces.

Regex for chatbot to match & extract multiple command

Example: "/lowercase HELLO .:uppercase ::weather london" ===Match #1 prefix: / command: lowercase arguments: HELLO ===Match #2 prefix: .: command: uppercase arguments: - ===Match #3 prefix: :: command: weather arguments: london

Simple Linux File Absolute Path Tester

Match simple linux file absolute path as /usr/share/my-folder/helloworld.jpg

Minecraft Entity Target Splitter

Regex to match part of minecraft command entity targets