Latitude,Longitude fetcher

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Useful to work with GoogleMap API.

Additional matching regexes for
Latitude,Longitude fetcher

Latitude,Longitude fetcher

Useful to work with GoogleMap API.

t-sql batch script parser

Splits t-sql script into separated commands. useful for executing with adocommand object

FIlename sanitization regular expression

Useful for filename sanitization. Matches invalid filename characters. Can be used in preg_replace() calls.

extract JavaScript function name

Extracts the name of the outer function. Useful to get the name of a function reference using fn.toString().

Replace caracters not inside HTM tags

Select a character (or string) ingnoring if that element is inside the HTML tags. Useful to apply html tags using replace.

HTTP Header Content Type Application JSON

Useful to check the HTTP content-type as application/json since sometimes people created their own custom content-type on top of JSON.

URL with ASP Cookieless SessionId

This matches a ASP Cookieless SessionId. Useful if, for example, after deprecating Cookieless sessions you want to redirect any clients with a cached sessionId to the plain url.

Fetch data between curly braces with plain text

This regex fetch only the data between content in curly braces (first occurrence, use preg_match_all in php, for all occurrences). This is useful for bad JSON files with wrong format or text between.

OnTheJob CSV Export to Excel Tab Delimited Import

Lets you rearrange columns of time data exported from the On The Job app to something more useful in Excel as required. Still a work in progress as this gets tweaked for improvement and streamlining.

Select Chapters and Bad Headers

Selects and optionally replaces repetitive chapters, headers, and other sections with a dinkus. Does not select unique chapter titles. Useful for quickly cleaning literary datasets for finetuning a model or module. Originally designed for use with NovelAI.