JQuery .live to JQuery .on

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

replaces deprecated .live method with corresponding .on

Additional matching regexes for
JQuery .live to JQuery .on

JQuery .live to JQuery .on

replaces deprecated .live method with corresponding .on

Replace dotnet assembly versions

Replaces both VB & C# `AssemblyInfo` files.

FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name

* Allow only two or more labels. * Fix deprecated FQDN regexp not passing on test "dicas-l.com.br"

Replace second grouping with first

Identifies two groups, each group using a regex, then replaces group 2 with group 1.

Mask an email regex

Replaces second to last but one characters in email with asterisks (@ and last . are protected): [email protected] > j***********[email protected]****.**m

Select Chapters and Bad Headers

Selects and optionally replaces repetitive chapters, headers, and other sections with a dinkus. Does not select unique chapter titles. Useful for quickly cleaning literary datasets for finetuning a model or module. Originally designed for use with NovelAI.

Hibernate SQL Reductor

If you want to understand an SQL statement for Hibernate: this replaces the selected fields in an SQL statement generated by Hibernate by a shorthand, since you usually just care about the logic. E.g. it changes select foo0_.bla as bla1_3, foo0_.bar as bar1_3, foo0_.baz1_3 as baz1_3 from ... to select foo0_.**1_3 from ...

Time duration from minutes to weeks suffixed by letter and whitespace separated

# Brief Description Time duration from minutes to weeks suffixed by corresponding letter and whitespace separated. No unit of time can be omitted. Max values are enforced for minutes, hours, and days, and a max length for weeks. Case is ignored. The string should match completely from start to end. **Exemple:** `3w 2d 10h 15m` # Specs **Time units suffixes** - `w` for weeks - `d` for days - `h` for hours - `m` for minutes **Max values** - `99` for weeks - `6` for days - `23` for hours - `59` for minutes **Min values:** `0` or `00` for all **Separators:** any single whitespace character `\s` **Case is ignored** **Full match RegEx** **Capture Groups** The following capture groups capture the number segments of the respective time unit. - `weeks` - `days` - `hours` - `minutes`