java variable declaration

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

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java variable declaration

Replace variable value with variable

Replace variable value with variable

Dim name

Gets all variable names

Variable, -> "Variable",

Add "" to variable before comma


Need everything inside this as separate variable :)

Variable name of code

To get a variable name from a source code: The variable name is before the '=' (equal sign) This is the way to detect. Problem: 1. Only 1 variable can get from 1 line. 2. Unfortunately, this can get variable between after "//" and before ";" too. I made this for fake script debugger. Just get variable from source code and put that after last semicolon with so much tab and messagebox code for every line.


Local variable and function parameter names should comply with a naming convention

PHP variable name

Valid PHP variable name as defined in the manual at

Azure ARM Template Parameter Override breakdown

This script helps you take the ARM template parameter override line from VSTS and break each variable combo down to its own line.

Group variable attributes in a linux path effectively with regex

Group variable attributes in a linux path effectively with regex. Here the workspace can be changed and the modulename can change. Case scenario found trying to identyfy the modulename and workspace directory in Jenkins build.

Lua Enhanced: function application compound operator

This is a compound operator that takes a variable and a Example: ``` local x = 9 x f(math.max)= 10 ``` compiles to ``` local x = 9 x = math.max(9, 10) ``` which results into x being assigned 10.