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Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

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incorrect number regex

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Phone Number RegEx


This regex is decision phone number


UK Telephone Number REGEX no () and no spaces

Viet Nam Phone Number

Viet Nam Phone Number Regex. This regex include: - Cellphone number: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnamobile, Iteltelecom, Reddi (055) - Telephone number (such as: 024, 028,...) - Start with ```0``` or ```84``` - Exactly 10 or 11 numbers

Validate number in format: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Used for number validation in input forms, when number is required to be in international format. You can adjust the required number length by adjusting this part of regex: {6,10}. The bigged the second number, the longer number will pass the match.

Regex for real number

this regex can detect any real number whether it is signed or it can detect real number both with and without floating point aka '.'.the numbers should be decimal number

UK Postcode Checker

Checks for valid UK/British postcodes. There was another on here that had for some reason been upvoted, but it was actually incorrect as it worked on none of my valid own postcodes! Namely that it assumed two letters and a number (BS3) when you can have variations (M20). Allows for an optional space and separates the two parts into groups.

Basic usage for tel ESA

Is a simple regex for compare tel number of El Salvador (not use +503 or iquals)

Prime numbers test

Given a number N represented by its unary form N(1), when RegEx doesn't match N(1), N is prime

Regex pattern for numeric values

Positive number !