Greater manchester postcode validation

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022


Additional matching regexes for
Greater manchester postcode validation

Better version of UK postcode

This UK postcode regex will match all variants of postcode formats including inner London postcodes (eg SW1A), with optional space (both AL11XP and AL1 1XP are valid) It will reject any postcode that does not specify a valid postcode area. Each part of the postcode is also captured into a capture group as follows: group 1: POSTCODE AREA group 2: POSTCODE DISTRICT group 3: POSTCODE SECTOR group 4: POSTCODE UNIT

REGEX Código Postal Pt

Expressão regular para o código postal (postcode) portugês

css attribute validation

css attribute validation

Thorough UK Postcode Validator with In/Out code capture groups

A more thorough UK postcode validator tested against all UK postcodes on a regular basis, but excluding the special GIRO postcode case out of personal preference. Additionally has capture groups for the In-code and Out-code sections. Requires case insensitive matching.

us phone number validation

us phone number validation

US City Validation

United States City name validation

Email validation

Very crude, but effective email validation.

date validation

Validation for date 2013.12.24 14:50

Comparison of decimals with operators such as <, >, !=, ==, <>

Regex expression for comparing decimal numbers with the usual comparison operators such as < (less than), <= (less than or equal to), > (greater than), >= (greater than or equal to), != (not equal to), == (equal to), ... The regex also allows filtering of data from e.g. a database, whereby the first value is not needed, e.g. [FIELD] < 100

Website validation

Simple website validation for your casual usage