foder add prefix

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

auto prefix ("/") to folder

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foder add prefix

foder add prefix

auto prefix ("/") to folder

Regular Expression to Validate File Path and Extension

Recently, I was looking for a regular expression to validate a file path and extension. I found several of them on Google, but none of them fit my requirement. So I decided to put together a version that suits my need. Here is the Regular Expression to validate the file path and extension and it is compatible with JavaScript and ASP.NET. I hope someone will find this information useful and that it will make your programming job easier. Hide Copy Code ^(?:[\w]\:|\\)(\\[a-z_\-\s0-9\.]+)+\.(txt|gif|pdf|doc|docx|xls|xlsx)$ Explanation Hide Copy Code ^(?:[\w]\:|\\) -- Begin with x:\ or \\ [a-z_\-\s0-9\.] -- valid characters are a-z| 0-9|-|.|_ (you can add more) (txt|gif|pdf|doc|docx|xls|xlsx) -- Valid extension (you can add more) Matches Hide Copy Code \\\folder\file.pdf \\\my folder\folder.2\file.gif c:\my folder\abc abc.docx c:\my-folder\another_folder\abc.v2.docx Non-Matches Hide Copy Code \\\folder\fi<le.pdf \\\folder\\file.pdf \\\my folder\folder.2\.gif c:\my folder\another_folder\.docx c:\my folder\\another_folder\abc.docx c:\my folder\another_folder\ab*c.v2.docx c:\my?folder\another_folder\abc.v2.docx file.xls

IRC protocol global parsing

1. prefix (IRC protocol prefix parsing) 2. command 3. parameters (IRC protocol arguments parsing)

Regex for chatbot to match & extract multiple command

Example: "/lowercase HELLO .:uppercase ::weather london" ===Match #1 prefix: / command: lowercase arguments: HELLO ===Match #2 prefix: .: command: uppercase arguments: - ===Match #3 prefix: :: command: weather arguments: london

Simple Linux File Absolute Path Tester

Match simple linux file absolute path as /usr/share/my-folder/helloworld.jpg

i18 language lines extraction

Extracts lines with i18 prefix from text

Titanic Kaggle - Remove ticket prefix to get number

Removes the prefix leaving just the ticket number files and folders

Regex for matching file and folder URLs.

INI Parser

Created for purpose of reading an INI file in C# applications. Supports comments and comment escape characters. I plan to add more escape characters (such as \=). s - Section scp - Section Comment Prefix sc - Section Comment k - Key v - Value kvcp - KeyValue Comment Prefix kvc - KeyValue Comment cp - Comment Prefix c - Comment I am open to any suggestion that may improve upon this regex, and/or would allow me to learn more. <br /> ##### Created by [Raxdiam](

french phone number + match right part

Matches french numbers (not special numbers like 115, 18). First matching group contains the right part without prefix (0, +33, 33, 033, or 0033).