Floating Point

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Tests a floating point number

Additional matching regexes for
Floating Point

Floating Point

Tests a floating point number

Regex for real number

this regex can detect any real number whether it is signed or unsigned.plus it can detect real number both with and without floating point aka '.'.the numbers should be decimal number

Asset Market

Asset market/exchange tests

URL domain test

tests to find if ("google.com") is the domain part of the URL

regex int

var pattern='/^[0-9][0-9]{0,6}$/'; /* int match 9 digit */ /********************************************** * * ^ starting point * 1st [0-9] number should be start between 0 to 9 * 2nd [0-9] number should be end between 0 to 9 * 3nd {0-6} number length should be exact 6 digit * $ its show the end of string or data * ************************************************/

Test numeric input to be between 0,01 and 100,00

Tests a numeric input to be between 0,00 < input <= 100,00. Decimals are optional but have at max 2 places.

jsDoc Parameter Splitter

Finds parameters in jsDocs (parameters are sections of information starting with @ and only appear in a block after free floating text

Regex for complex number

it can detect complex number of both cartesian and Euler form.the real number in the real and imaginary part can be signed or unsigned.also it may or may not have floating Point.no problem. But,in Euler from the imaginary part should be written between brackets.here are some example:- +5.6+7i,-.004+2.5i,6.-i,i,e^-(5i),.02e^(-2.3i),7e^(i)

Product model ID extractor

Extracts a model ID from a product title. Like this: "Автомагнитола ALPINE CDE-100EUB/4S белая" -> "CDE-100EUB" Over 80 tests.

Regex pattern for numeric values

Positive number !