FLISR group match

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
FLISR group match

IPv4 + TCP-Port

This regex matches a IPv4 with a TCP Port (1-65535) Example: `` will match and have the groups: - Group 1: `` - Group 2: `1337`

Anything sorounded by " "

Match anything inside double quote string and set the first capture group with the content

Replace second grouping with first

Identifies two groups, each group using a regex, then replaces group 2 with group 1.

Youtube ID match

This regex will match any Youtube video ID thrown at it and return one capturing group containing the ID.


group matching

Better version of UK postcode

This UK postcode regex will match all variants of postcode formats including inner London postcodes (eg SW1A), with optional space (both AL11XP and AL1 1XP are valid) It will reject any postcode that does not specify a valid postcode area. Each part of the postcode is also captured into a capture group as follows: group 1: POSTCODE AREA group 2: POSTCODE DISTRICT group 3: POSTCODE SECTOR group 4: POSTCODE UNIT

Sentence and word validator

Last captured word available via group W. Last captured sentence available via group S. Last parenthesis stuff in 6th capturing group.

File name without extension from linux path

If given a linux file path match the filename without the extension. It extracts FileNameWithoutExtension into its own match group so that you can use it in things like Logstash Grok.

Match US Currency Amount

Group 1 has dollar amount with or without commas, Group 4 has optional cents.

Search tags "a" and get link and text from tags

Search group "link=>text" in tags "a"