First Name or Last Name

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Additional matching regexes for
First Name or Last Name

Web wikilinks

[[plain wikilinks]] <e>[[</e>first tag]] <e dsss>[[</e>meta on first tag]] <e dsss>[[</e><div>first tag + meta + container</div>]] <e dsss>[[</e><div>first tag + meta + container + third tag</div><div>]]</div> <e dsss>[[</e>forgot a bracket <e dsss>[[</e>bracket containers<e>]]</e> all is well

Match <?xml...?>

How to match the first line of a xml document

Standard first and/or last name

This just checks for case insensitive first name, last name, or both.


First pass at a way to find credit card data using regex.

Select first letter of words

Selects first letter of space separted word with exceptions. This allows bypassing `'s` and such. Forcing separating charter can be set at `[\s&\/]` $1: separating part $2: first letter of a word

Match a URL from a text message

I use this to match the first url present in a text message.

Email obfuscation

An expression that **obfuscates** with * following this rule: _<First char from email local part><Five fixed masked symbols>**@**<first domain letter><Five fixed masked symbols>**.**<tld domain>_ Example: Input: [email protected] Output: e*****@w*****.uk

Full name (Turkish)

Matches case insensitive first name, optional unlimited number of middle names and last name separated with space format. Replaced `\w` with explicit char range for Turkish support. (Äž accepted as first char not to over complex)

Anything sorounded by " "

Match anything inside double quote string and set the first capture group with the content

Machine Readable Passport - Extractor

First version of MRP Extractor Future versions include 1. Merge with validator (if possible) 2. Check nationalities