Find Italic

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Find <SPAN> Html TAG with "Italic" class and returns his content.

Additional matching regexes for
Find Italic

Find Italic

Find <SPAN> Html TAG with "Italic" class and returns his content.

Get value from string

Used to get a value from a class e.g.: [...] class="font-12"[...] This regEx will receive "12" given the content of the class

Svelte: CSS class attribute (Svelte or HTML friendly), class:directive, TailwindCSS classes, and @apply.

# SvelteComponent Class Directive Matching Also supports TailwindCSS-style `@apply` directive for the class value. ## `class:directive={boolean}` Svelte allows us to provide a "class directive", or a class name in the form of `class:NAME={boolean}`. If we place a boolean (or function that returns a boolean) as its value, it will add the class "NAME" to the component when it returns true, or omit it when false. This is extremely useful for navigation components, and I use it all the time to highlight active links in my UX/UI development process. ```svelte <NavBar> <Link href="#abc" class:active={page === 'abc'}>ABC</Link> <Link href="#xyz" class:active={page === 'xyz'}>XYZ</Link> </NavBar> ``` Flexible matching for the class attribute on both **Svelte Components** and **HTML Elements**.

match C# class definition

match C# a class definition

contents of square brackets

eg. test[test Inner] returns 'test inner'

Camel case to space-separated string

Takes any camel case and returns it plus spaces.

URL Domain Extractor

Extracts and returns the domain name from a given URL.

Get Content within brackets

Get Content within brackets

csv parsing

csv parsing with content quota string

search script tags

found if is content src atributes