decimal number validation

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

accepts 1; 1.1; 112315.23135

Additional matching regexes for
decimal number validation

Simple Number

Verifies Number is a negative/positive number. Number may be a decimal, but if it is, it requires at least one number before and after the decimal place. Decimal numbers may also be negative or positive. Only 1 decimal place is allowed.

us phone number validation

us phone number validation

Decimal (with dot)

Decimal with a dot, if has a dot it needs a number following it

Matching decimals in european format (dot as grouping separator, comma as decimal separator)

A regex for validating decimal numbers in the European number format (in many parts of Europe at least, including Germany). A comma is used as a separator for the decimal number, a dot as a separator for thousand places.

Regex for real number

this regex can detect any real number whether it is signed or it can detect real number both with and without floating point aka '.'.the numbers should be decimal number

Positive Numbers greater than 0 with leading zeroes.

Accepts all positive numbers above 0. Accepts numbers with leading zeroes e.g.: 0123, 00123.

decimal number validation

accepts 1; 1.1; 112315.23135

Number 0-100, 2 decimals

A number between 0 and 100 (including them) with up to two decimals. The decimal separator can be . or , . Usefull for percentage.

Validate number in format: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Used for number validation in input forms, when number is required to be in international format. You can adjust the required number length by adjusting this part of regex: {6,10}. The bigged the second number, the longer number will pass the match.

Date or N/A

Accepts Date or not applicable string.