Currency Amount

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Format: x0.00 Valid: 13.37 4.20 1.00 Invalid: 13,37 4,20 1,00 1 7.5

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Currency Amount


() invalid, (k) valid, (kr123) valid. only () is invalid

Currency Amount

Format: x0.00 Valid: 13.37 4.20 1.00 Invalid: 13,37 4,20 1,00 1 7.5

Jeff Test

Valid and Invalid emails

Currency amount without currency symbol

Matches numbers that are likely to by financial amount. Does not consider the type of currency.

IPv4 strict

Valid: Invalid: 1000..256.300

Alien username

Input Format The first line contains a single integer, , denoting the number of usernames. Each line of the subsequent lines contains a string denoting an alien username to validate. Constraints Output Format Iterate through each of the strings in order and determine whether or not each string is a valid alien username. If a username is a valid alien username, print VALID on a new line; otherwise, print INVALID. Sample Input 3 _0898989811abced_ _abce _09090909abcD0 Sample Output VALID INVALID INVALID Explanation We validate the following three usernames: _0898989811abced_ is valid as it satisfies the requirements specified above. Thus, we print VALID. _abce is invalid as the beginning _ is not followed by one or more digits. Thus, we print INVALID. _09090909abcD0 is invalid as the sequence of English alphabetic letters is immediately followed by a number. Thus, we print INVALID.

Currency amount validation with sign (cents optional)

Allows Number: Currency amount US (cents optional) Can use US-style 123,456.78 notation Optional thousands separators; optional two-digit fraction; commas; dollar sign

yyyy-MM-dd hh:MM

date format for "yyyy-MM-dd hh:MM" valid strict model.

Paystub Basic Salary

Extract Amount and Date from Paystub

USD regex

Regex to match USD currency in a text