Asset Market

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Asset market/exchange tests

Additional matching regexes for
Asset Market

Asset Market

Asset market/exchange tests

Floating Point

Tests a floating point number

Pasando carga de estilos css a twig

Esa expresion regular busca los href y les reemplazar el atributo por un asset()

North American Phone Number

Validate **North American** **phone numbers** with capture groups for the **Area Code**, **Exchange Code**, **Line Number**, and **Extension**.

URL domain test

tests to find if ("") is the domain part of the URL

Test numeric input to be between 0,01 and 100,00

Tests a numeric input to be between 0,00 < input <= 100,00. Decimals are optional but have at max 2 places.

Product model ID extractor

Extracts a model ID from a product title. Like this: "Автомагнитола ALPINE CDE-100EUB/4S белая" -> "CDE-100EUB" Over 80 tests.

Social Security Number (SSN)

tests for valid social security numbers according to the social security administration. more specifically: -disallows a group to have all 0s -disallows first group to have all 6s -disallows a ssn to begin with 9 note that this does not test for issued ssn's. that would be impossible to implement here, because the high group document is continuously updated on a monthly basis.

Minify JSON while protecting string value whitespace

I use it so that I don't need to worry about formatting when working with unit tests in Kotlin, which means I don't worry too much about whether this is production quality, but it could be useful in other situations where the desire is to strip whitespace from a JSON object while protecting the values of stings which have whitespace.