Alphanumeric only

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

Allows only Uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers

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Alphanumeric only

Alphanumeric only

Allows only Uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers

Regex for chatbot to match & extract multiple command

Example: "/lowercase HELLO .:uppercase ::weather london" ===Match #1 prefix: / command: lowercase arguments: HELLO ===Match #2 prefix: .: command: uppercase arguments: - ===Match #3 prefix: :: command: weather arguments: london

Match at least One upper, lower, number and Special char.

Determines if string contains: 1 Uppercase 1 Lowercase 1 Number 1 Symbol

Inverse Match

inverse match letters, numbers, and underscores

Strong password

Password require: lowercase, uppercase, symbol, not consecutive same letter/number, and not some specific words

Strict Password Validator

**This regex matches only when all the following are true:** password must contain 1 number (0-9) password must contain 1 uppercase letters password must contain 1 lowercase letters password must contain 1 non-alpha numeric number password is 8-16 characters with no space


Safe Password that allow only with a number, a lowercase, a uppercase, and a special character

Livestock - Visual tag and Back tag

Visual tag and Back tag cannot more than 15 characters or only can contain uppercase, lowercase, space and dash.

Simple ID verification

Used to validate documents identifiers like passports and IDs, VISA numbers. - Default to `6` characters *min* and *max* `30` characters for format `tin-no`, such as the Tax regisration number.- Regular Expression ```js ^[a-zA-Z0-9 ]{6,30}$ ``` - Accepts both lowercase and uppercase letters, from a-z, digit, and white space. - NOTE: Double white space between characters not validated.

Username Validation

Super simple, just checks for 5 or more letters/numbers/symbols.