just number and String length 30

Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

just number and String length 30

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just number and String length 30

just number and String length 30

just number and String length 30

sha512 - letters and numbers, without special characters. length 512

Just capital **letters and numbers**, **without special characters**. String length 512

regex int

var pattern='/^[0-9][0-9]{0,6}$/'; /* int match 9 digit */ /********************************************** * * ^ starting point * 1st [0-9] number should be start between 0 to 9 * 2nd [0-9] number should be end between 0 to 9 * 3nd {0-6} number length should be exact 6 digit * $ its show the end of string or data * ************************************************/

hex number check

check if a string is a hex number

Validate number in format: +xxxxxxxxxxx

Used for number validation in input forms, when number is required to be in international format. You can adjust the required number length by adjusting this part of regex: {6,10}. The bigged the second number, the longer number will pass the match.

i want regex for for following string"abcabcabcabc,*,123412341234"

i want regex it should support 12 length character comma seperated string and also it sholud accept multiple "*" init .like above


Zero length negative lookbehind

Phone number tests

Test a given string for phone number variations and extract th parts.

Match at least One upper, lower, number and Special char.

Determines if string contains: 1 Uppercase 1 Lowercase 1 Number 1 Symbol

Simple TIN number regex

Only accept numerics/digits and hyphens, forbidding them at the start and the end of the number, and avoid two consecutive occurrences. Assuming the app validates the length.