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Published on Tue Mar 01 2022

results all street-adresses from

Additional matching regexes for
from Google-Maps

from Google-Maps

results all street-adresses from

Address Check Validation

Check for true or false street address format

Matching Results List

Hello, If you can match the results listed in the right-hand side would be great. Thank you. (via Google Translate)

Split address line into street name and house number

This regular expression splits an address line like for example "1117 Franklin Blvd" into the street name and house number. It also supports addresses where street name and house number are the other way around (e.g. "Mustermannstr. 1"). Furthermore, this regular expression also supports address lines where additional information is given that is neither a street name nor a house number (e.g. "3940 Radio Road, Unit 110", "Pallaswiesenstr. 57 App. 235", "Suite 1500, 802 Docklands Street"). The regular expression has 8 capture groups in total. The first 4 capture groups get used when the house number precedes the street name. The names of these capture groups are prefixed with "A_". If the house number succeeds the street name, the last 4 capture groups are used. These are prefixed with "B_".

Parse "ipconfig /all" output and grab all MAC Adresses

Parse "ipconfig /all" output and grab all MAc Adresses.

email google/microsoft like

email google/microsoft like

IP Addresses

Matches IP Addresses with minimum false positives

Dotted Decimal IPv4 Adress (for programming languages)

Searches for dotted decimal IPv4 Adresses and saves the numbers in match groups.

Just validate one sequence of

sdfs sdfs FLBREV00022230 dsfsdfs sdfsf FLBREV00022234 In this case is false

Parse DateTimes

Will parse a DateTime and group the results. Probably pretty limited but it works for me.