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Simple Phone Number validation

- Default to `8` characters *maxInput* and *minInput* `14` characters - Regular Expression ```js ^(?![ -])(?!.*[- ]$)(?!.*[- ]{2})[0-9- ]+$ ``` - Allows digits `0-9`, and the `single white spaces` and `single hyphens -` characters, but restricts the *spaces* and *hyphens* at the start, end, and repetitions between the value. - Note the length of the phone number is not validated by the regex but by the *maxInput* and *input* constraints. - The error message for an invalid format, (to be translatable in Ar is supported). > `Please insert a valid contact number`. **Example** - Valid samples: - 0560000000 - 000-000-0-0000 - 056 000-000 00 - Invalid samples: - 056--000--0000 - 0A0-000-0-0000 - 056 000 -000 00

email google/microsoft like

email google/microsoft like

Pokemon Go Discord - friend codes

A regex to parse codes from a discord server

Simple TIN number regex

Only accept numerics/digits and hyphens, forbidding them at the start and the end of the number, and avoid two consecutive occurrences. Assuming the app validates the length.



Simple ID verification

Used to validate documents identifiers like passports and IDs, VISA numbers. - Default to `6` characters *min* and *max* `30` characters for format `tin-no`, such as the Tax regisration number.- Regular Expression ```js ^[a-zA-Z0-9 ]{6,30}$ ``` - Accepts both lowercase and uppercase letters, from a-z, digit, and white space. - NOTE: Double white space between characters not validated.


按照縮寫慣例 A.A.A A.A.A. A.A. A.A.A./A.A.A.


this helps in parsing aws arn's

PIM - Attribute not localized


Números de telefones brasileiros

Permite filtrar e capturar telefones brasileiros seguindo o modelo: >Código internacional (**+55**) caso fornecido >DDD (**XX**) >Telefone fixo (**XXXX-XXXX**) ou telefone móvel com ou sem o "9" inicial (**9XXXX-XXXX**)