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Match segmented paths with '\' and '/' escaped by '\'

Match segmented paths with '\' and '/' escaped by '\'

Semantec Versioning

Various RegEx expressions that work with Semantic Versioning,

test for binary number divisible by 3

it detects binary numbers divislbe by 3

identify duplicate consecutive words + word combinations to remove

Identifies duplicate word and word combinations that exist consecutively within a string for removal. It is currently configured for up to 3 consecutive words but can be extended by adding additional (\s+\w)* to the first groups pattern match logic use with substitution val $1 good for removing dups for fred fred fred fred smith fred smith Michael J Fox Michael J Fox etc...


if a file has questions and answers, it can detect questions

RegEx to add any valid US phone number inputs

##examples of valid US phone number inputs *555-555-5555 *(555)555-5555 *(555) 555-5555 *555 555 5555 *5555555555 *1 555 555 5555 ##examples of invalid US phone number inputs *2 (757) 622-7382 *(6054756961) *55555555 *123**&!!asdf# *555-5555 *1 555)555-5555 *(6054756961) *(555-555-5555 *555)-555-5555 *(275)76227382

Password requirements checker

This regular expression allows you to simply check if a password matches with your conditions. By default it will require: - 1 `{1}` uppercase letter `[A-Z]` or more - 1 `{1}` lowercase letter `[a-z]` or more - 1 `{1}` number `[0-9]` or more - 1 `{1}` special character `[@#$%^!&+=.\-_*]` or more You can easily change the minimum by editing the value in the respective `{1}`

Swiss MWST

Swiss VAT Numbers

PHP Multiline Error Log

Matches multiline entries (e.g. those containing exception stack traces or just multiline values) in a PHP error log produced by `error_log()`.

Simple AWS ARN Regex

Simple AWS ARN Regex