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PO Box Address Validation

price float pattern

Checks that value is float format and has two digits at max

Password Enforcement Pattern -- trailing pattern

This RegEx was posted on a Ruby site as one for enforcing password pattern. I added {8,32} to limit the length of the password, even though I realize no one has passwords longer than that. Rules: at least 1 digit, 1 special character (as defined), 1 upper case and 1 lower case character, between 8 and 32 characters total. The question I have pertains to the trailing .*$ pattern. On the Rubular site, this is required. On it does not see to add value to the regex. Do I need the .*$ on the expression?

Extract Fields from Mailexpire

Given the HTML of an alias's control panel, apply the XPath "//span[@class='maintext']". The second result returned can be parsed by this regex to yield the most pertinent field names and their values.

selectin multiple image pattern

File filtering by extension

You would like to scan a folder containing many files (Example : *.pb, *.pbi, *.pbp and *.pbf) and you are interested only by two type of files (example : *.pb and *.pbi). This expression will match only if extension match (in this case *.pb and *.pbi) otherwise no reaction. Feel free to change file extensions has need.

Get video parameters from many video services at once

supported youtube, vimeo, face liveleak, break, ebaums, facebook support url and iframes

paren strip test

paren strip test

YouTube Embed Video & Playlist from URL

It gets the playlistID and the videoID to conform the embed URL from the video URL

someone knows he answer?

are both strings matching, I wnat only the second one to match