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Livestock - Visual tag and Back tag

Visual tag and Back tag cannot more than 15 characters or only can contain uppercase, lowercase, space and dash.

Multiple emails seperated with comma

Multiple emails seperated with comma allowed multiple dot ltds

National Insurance Number regular expression

This regular expression is build from the description of NINO number of [GOV.UK](,

Time duration format

Match time duration in the following formats only: 1h 30m 59m 1h 33m 11h 2m

Escherichia coli, partial genome simple coding region search

>NC_000913.3 Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655, patial genome


CSS Coding Guideline **BEM** (Block Element Modifier)


This is a bit simpler version that is **still quite robust.** It was taken from [a Formik example.](

Find and extract email domain

Find and extract email domain. Ex: [email protected] -> extract ''


Convert camelCase to snake_case. In `Python` the `\L` case modifier in the substitution pattern to lower case is not supported. ```py def camelCase2snake_case(txt): """ Convert camelCase to snake_case """ txt = re.sub(r'([A-Z]+)', '_\\1', txt.strip()) txt = txt.lower() return txt ``` [JV-conseil](

HSL(A) Color Matching

This allows for both hsl and hsla color patterns to be matched. `hsla(50.5deg, .531%, .9%, 1.0)` - The hue can be matched without the word `deg`. - Hue is from 0-360 - Percentage allows for decimals. - Percentage is from 0-100% - Alpha is from 0.0-1.0