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How do I write a Regex to inspect Cisco Interfaces

I am asking for help in writing a regular expression to shorten this expression. I need the string below to search every interface within the range of 1 -24 to validate the configuration. If one interface does not have the required configuration then the expression fails. interface GigabitEthernet1/***1 thru 24***.\n(.\n). description ** Unused Port **.\n(.\n). switchport access vlan 333

Alternative Capture Country Codes

Request mask idea

Do you like apis and nodejs as I do?, then this must be for you, have you noticed that all the famous apis have a common functionality? the ability to request partial responses with masks, so if you have a friend list you may want to return only a few fields you know just in case. You will end up requesting someting like /me/friends?fields=name,email,address. But also may want to return complex references like your friend's friends, so this regex let you match things like name,email,address,friends(name,email) as the 4 fields they are, then you can use a portion of the regex to extract the inner fields. Why the fancy introduction? we need some context :P enjoy

Test a string against CamelCase

See if a string is in CamelCase format

youtube id match

youtube id 17 matches

UK Postcode Checker

This is an improvement of the very good tH9mQ1/1. It did not pickup on the first two postcodes found here: //

@media query tokenizer

Separates media query into rule and content

Smart Target Blank

Allow you to check if the JavaScript `location.pathname` is a link required adding a target="_blank".

URL with matching categories

Finds the protocol, subdomain, ((domain, extension)/ipaddress), port, filepath (split in path and filename), the route and the query string.

ISO 8601 date

Validates a date with ISO 8601 format. Source: