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Thorough UK Postcode Validator with In/Out code capture groups

A more thorough UK postcode validator tested against all UK postcodes on a regular basis, but excluding the special GIRO postcode case out of personal preference. Additionally has capture groups for the In-code and Out-code sections. Requires case insensitive matching.

Song Splitter

Split an audio filename into a readable format for playlists (like jPlayer) assuming the audio file is named like the following: Artist - Song Title.mp3 Band Name - Track Title ft. Another Artist.m4a demon.devin - Faithless Angel (to no avail remix).mp3

Capture Query Strings

A solution for capture query params.

replace-last-comma with semicolon

replace-last-comma with semicolon similar to

remove blank keys in query string

looks for blank keys in the query string and remove it, in order to make shorter request.

Get image tag attributes


North American Phone Number

Validate **North American** **phone numbers** with capture groups for the **Area Code**, **Exchange Code**, **Line Number**, and **Extension**.

Date yyyy/mm/dd

Regex following "ISO 8601" without hour : allowing only month 1 to 12, the day of 1 to 31 for the months of 31 days, the months from 1 to 30 for the months of 30 days, the day of 1 to 28 for February, and the day from 1 to 29 for February of leap years

Strip out domain extensions except for Microsoft .net technologies.