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Update of Ivory Coast Mobile phone test

With the new numbers such as 78 79 the regex is now updated!

Non-parentheses characters, but allow escaped parentheses.

Trying to discover how to select all ranges except non-escaped parentheses.

Any telephone number with at least 6 digits

Telephone number can come with extra characters to denote country, region, etc

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russian phone number hard validation (multiformat)

Supported formats (mobile): +7(xxx)xxx xxxx +7(xxx)xxxxxxx +7(xxx)xxx-xx-xx +7(xxx)xxx xx xx +7 xxx xxx xx xx +7 xxx xxx-xx-xx +7xxx xxxxxxx +7 xxx xxx xxxx +7 xxx xxx-xxxx +7xxxxxxxxxx 7(xxx)xxxxxxx 7(xxx)xxx-xx-xx 7(xxx)xxx xx xx (xxx)xxxxxxx (xxx)xxx-xx-xx (xxx)xxx xx xx 7 xxx xxx xx xx 7 xxx xxx-xx-xx 7xxx xxxxxxx 7 xxx xxx xxxx 7 xxx xxx-xxxx 7xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Home phones: ex.: +7(813)78 444-xx +7(xxx)xx xxx-xx +7(xxx)xx xxx xx +7(xxx)xx xxxxx +7xxxxx xxx-xx +7xxxxx xxx xx +7xxxxx xxxxx +7xxx xx xxx xx +7xxx xx xxx-xx +7xxxxxxxxxx 7(xxx)xx xxx-xx 7(xxx)xx xxx xx 7(xxx)xx xxxxx 7xxxxx xxx-xx 7xxxxx xxx xx 7xxxxx xxxxx 7xxx xx xxx xx 7xxx xx xxx-xx 7xxxxxxxxxx xxx-xx xxxxx

Line parser (split at sentence)

Splits a line into three parts: completed sentences from the previous line, any complete sentences, and any uncompleted sentences.

Replace anonymous actions

URL with ASP Cookieless SessionId

This matches a ASP Cookieless SessionId. Useful if, for example, after deprecating Cookieless sessions you want to redirect any clients with a cached sessionId to the plain url.