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Email address validator

Validates most email addresses. Using the range [A-Za-z0-9] at the beginning instead of \w means an address cannot begin with an underscore. This range is also used to exclude underscores from the domain (part after @).

HP OO Shell OPeration

I am trying to capture from HP OO SSH shell operation, basicall it will run the commands what we send from HP OO and this operation expects return output to send next command. I am trying to send command gtacl and next command is LOGON username, OO expects to match string to send another command, the expected output is TACL 1> and i trying to use regex as ^TACL\s\d>, it is working in regex site but it is falling in OO tool, can you please suggest some thing.

Extrae episodios

Extrae episodeos de una pagina de series flv

Remove GO and split for batch SQL text

Useful for when you need to convert a T-SQL MSSMS Server batch into individual SQL requests by removing the GO between them. e.g. Dim SQLBatches As String() = Regex.Split(text, "(?:\s|\r|\n)+GO\s*(?:\r|\n)", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)

URL parser

gets the <protocol>://<host>:<port>/<link> from am url

Validador de Senha

Para ser valido o texto deve ter entre 6 e 32 caracter entre eles um deve ser um especial, uma letra maiúscula, uma minúscula e um número

ReGEX EXPression

ReGEX EXPression generating Values but repeating want values should not repeat.

imperial string

french phone number (intl format)

little matcher for french phone number in international format (example: +33231348228)

Strip / Delete / Remove / empty paragraphs

You can format p:empty paragraphs with CSS, but sometimes they are not completely empty. This is meant to remove those.