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Numeric values greater than zero with decimal

Pattern that only accept numeric value and greater than zero with up to decimal places( you can change the decimal places just replace {1,2} depend on how many decimal places you like

Codice fiscale italiano

Oltre a supportare le omocodie controlla in modo restrittivo il carattere relativo al mese di nascita

email (tikhonov)

CheckEmail Login start or end simbols [._- ] [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail Login double simbol [._-] [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail Domain start or end simbol [.-] [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail Domain not march simbol [_] [email protected] - fail Domain double simbol [.-] [email protected] - fail [email protected] - fail Big subdomain [email protected] - good Domain end two or more simbol [email protected] - fail [email protected] - good Login or domain can contain numbers [email protected] - good <script> var reg = /^([a-z0-9]+(?:[._-][a-z0-9]+)*)@([a-z0-9]+(?:[.-][a-z0-9]+)*\.[a-z]{2,})$/i var result = reg.exec("[email protected]"); //['[email protected]', 'login', '']; </script>


URL Description from Dr. M. G. @ Brookes

look for any $_POST['name']

if you are as lazy as me and want to replace every "=$_POST['name'];" using Dreamweaver or any development tool that allows using regular expressions to search in current file/document.

repeat group match

For Auto RTFs

Get URL parameters

REGEX to parse IIS7 Log File into FluentD

This regex parses the entire line of the IIS log files (without detail on the AgentID) for usage into FluentD. Q&C - [email protected]

1st TSV