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Parser for GPG search-key output

Record the output of the batch `gpg --search-keys` commands into variables. For example, get the public key ids or those with `*` email addresses: pubkeyids=$(gpg --batch --keyserver hkp:// --search-keys 2>&1 | grep -Po '\d+\s*bit\s*\S+\s*key\s*[^,]+' | cut -d' ' -f5) We can automate searching for keys and adding them to the keyring using `bash` parsing that output. As an illustration, I created [the following GitHub gist][1] to host the code below. [1]:

<input type="number" /> pattern

As 'number' is not implemented by all browsers, you can check your <input type="text" /> value with this RegExp.

Save everything between <code>...</code> brackets

This is what I created to paste in web page source code and regex to extract content between whichever HTML brackets that I choose.. In this case, it's the <code> HTML brackets.

Web wikilinks

[[plain wikilinks]] <e>[[</e>first tag]] <e dsss>[[</e>meta on first tag]] <e dsss>[[</e><div>first tag + meta + container</div>]] <e dsss>[[</e><div>first tag + meta + container + third tag</div><div>]]</div> <e dsss>[[</e>forgot a bracket <e dsss>[[</e>bracket containers<e>]]</e> all is well

Anything sorounded by " "

Match anything inside double quote string and set the first capture group with the content video url regex video url regex

SharePoint On-Premises Validator

SharePoint On-Premises Validator

Strong Password

Support JS and PHP

CSV quotation mark

See quotes that are not delimiters

Parse Data Fields

Parsing example